William Paterson Earns Multiple IBS Awards


Photo by Sam MacLean (@WP_TV6

WPTV6 and Brave New Radio won several awards from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System this weekend.

William Paterson’s student-run radio station, “Brave New Radio” has been named as the ‘Best College Radio Station’ at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards for the second consecutive year.

Along with Brave New Radio, WPTV-6’s “WP Sports Desk” took home the award for ‘Best Sports Program’ for their work.

WPTV-6 had another program in the limelight. “Press Start” won a pair of IBS Awards for ‘Best Use of Graphics’ and ‘Best Variety Program.’

Joe Rea, a senior broadcast journalism student took home the title for “Best Baseball Play-By-Play.” Rea was also nominated for “Best Softball Play-By-Play” at last year’s award ceremony.

“I’m grateful for the team that it takes to put these broadcasts together,” said Rea. “I don’t get put in the position I’m in without everybody’s cooperation.”

WP Sports Desk’s Executive Producer Chris Turner-Demondo knew it was a matter of time before his team added to Hobart Hall’s trophy case.

“We had all the pieces to being an award winning show,” said Turner-Demondo. “It was just a matter of staying on track.”

Turner-Demondo was integral to the show’s recent shift to focus on William Paterson athletics. Although the show still covers the professional sports scene, the Pioneer sports segment has become a staple of the program.

“This is an award for everyone involved in our show,” said Turner-Demondo.

“CTD” as WPTV-6 students call him, thanked all of the club members behind the scenes. He mentioned the hard work of Director Matthew Candrilli and Studio Manager Al Clarke, both of whom played a big hand in “Press Start” as well.

Brave New Radio was nominated for a whopping 10 awards. Nick Gomez was nominated for Best Program Director, and Bree Testa was nominated for a pair IBS trophies.

Here is the complete list of the nominations:

  • Best College Radio Station (Over 10,000 students) *Won*
  • Best Program Director – Nick Gomez
  • Best Production Director – Bree Testa
  • Best Specialty Show – Bree Testa
  • Best Use of Spotify – @bravenewradionj *WON*
  • Best Sweeper
  • Best Promotional Poster – Tara Crawford *WON*
  • Best Use of Instagram – @bravenewradio  *WON*
  • Best Newscast – CJ Von Essen and Joe Saulenas
  • Joe Rea – Best Baseball Play-By-Play *Won*

“Brave New Radio has proven time after time that it’s one of the most well run stations in the country,” Rea said.

William Paterson students have made a name for themselves at the IBS awards. Every year Pioneers come back with more hardware. Most of the winners advice relates to one thing, involvement.

“It is so incredibly easy to get involved with these clubs and have use of the multi million dollar equipment,” Rea said. “Al Clarke gives students full use of their creativity to make the exact content they need to be successful, and all he asks for in return is consistent effort.”