Alternative Radio Returns to New York After Merger

Our Cameron Dodds breaks down the New Alt. 92.3 Radio Station

Cameron Dodds, Social Media Manager

Alternative rock is back on the New York airwaves for the first time since 2011. The return of alt. rock comes as the result of a merger between Entercom Communications and CBS radio.

92.3 AMP radio made the change to ALT 92.3, “New York’s New Alternative,” on Nov. 17. Pat Paxton, Entercom’s president of programming, stated that the company was happy and felt good about the change.

“In a city where alternative music is a way of life, we are thrilled to finally fill the void in radio in New York City,” Paxton said in a statement about the merger. “With the launch of ALT 92.3, we will cater to the passionate audience who helped define the genre for decades.”

Some of the first songs to hit the airwaves after 92.3 officially changed were: the Foo Fighters’ “My Hero,” 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Walk on Water” and MGMT’s “Kids.” According to Billboard, the station remains within the medium-top in terms of listening habits, reaching 93% of the U.S population.

Alternative music has more of rock and roll vibe that contrasts with the electro-pop that is increasing in popularity among young listeners today. It’s no secret that flipping through radio stations only to hear the same kind of music can be annoying. Songs in the top-10 can even follow you by playing on two different stations not twenty minutes after you heard it on another.

The new ALT 92.3 offers fresh sounds on the airwaves from music that is familiar to most. It offers a different vibe by re-introducing classic beats and sounds like full bands accompanied  by clear vocals. The music can still be upbeat, but it has its relaxing moments too. Coldplay’s “Stop and Stare,” The Script’s “For the First time” and Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time” are popular alternative songs that are sometimes rotated in on the pop channels.

However, the presence of popular alternative songs on the pop channels are few and far between. Now, there is a radio station that is dedicated to playing them and only them. Since most listeners seem to have embraced the change, it’s safe to say that you can keep 92.3 as one of your preset channels on the car radio.