Justice League Brings in Mixed Reviews

The D.C. film is action packed but contained some odd quirks.



Anthony Baamonde, Staff Writer

“Justice League” has been getting a lot of bad reviews and it’s confusing as to why. The first half of the film shows Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman bringing the team together, similar to how Marvel does their movies. The film does a nice job of tying the characters together for their first fight as a team. However, it would have been better if each character had their own separate film to show their backstory and fully understand who they are.

The battle scenes were amazing and really showed each character’s power. The best hero had to be The Flash (Ezra Miller). Miller was not only funny, but the film really did a great job of showing off his speed. Aquaman (Jason Momoa) was another great character; he was more realistic than what was shown in the comics, however. Some of the reviews floating around about Aquaman not being “cool enough” seem ridiculous as his character was another strong one in “Justice League.” Batman was the weakest character in this film due, in large part, to his script. The lines he was given were a step down from those of “Batman v. Superman.”

The worst part about this film was the writing and the CGI. The writing was simply cringe worthy. Really bad one-liners and unfinished jokes made the film feel stale and unfinished. In addition, the dialogue was choppy and uninteresting, including a lot of awkward scenes between some characters.

The CGI was just as bad. At some parts, it felt like the audience was watching a cut-scene from a video game. Henry Cavill (Superman) was filming another movie at the time, which required him to grow a mustache. While filming “Justice League” he clearly still had the mustache. So, the CGI artists’ computer generated his mustache out, and the result is laughable. It was hard to not stare every time he came on screen because it looked like it was still there. Cyborg (Ray Fisher) looked equally as bad as Superman in some scenes as well.

Another issue with the filming itself were the scenes that were re-shot. They were so obviously different, it was hilarious. One scene that sticks out is when Bruce Wayne recruits Aquaman. In one shot, Ben Affleck’s face is thin and in the next it’s full and his beard is thicker.

The villain in the movie was Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds). Unsure of who he is? So was everyone else. Steppenwolf was a cool villain for the most part, but he didn’t feel threatening to the Justice League. How much of a threat can someone possibly be fighting against Superman? The best way to describe him would be uneventful.

All in all, “Justice League” was a fun movie with lots of action. I think if D.C. continues making films like these, they can easily become better than Marvel. “Batman v. Superman” was amazing, but “Justice League” was a nice surprise. It could have been a little longer and contained a few more battle scenes but that would be nitpicking. The clear issues with the film mostly had to do with the script and the CGI at points. Overall, “Justice League” is worth the money to go see.