The Rumor Report’s New Vision


Courtesy of the Rumor Report

Maria Zuniga, Features Editor

The Rumor Report, an entertainment talk show here at William Paterson University, began in the 2016 Fall semester. A rundown of the show includes television and music coverage of what is hot and newsworthy. Some examples are the newest shows on Netflix, albums, movies and more. The show also offers various segments. One is called the Controversy Corner, where the members discuss a topic such as celebrity rap feuds, as seen in last weeks episode. Another segment the show offers is called Celebrity Catch Up. They work with the TV Club at Hobart Hall to fill crew positions that are essential for the show to film. If they have any announcements, the TV Club meetings are the place for this too.

Out of the five original members, three are currently still a part of the show and the others have graduated. Erika Schiller, a junior with a major in Broadcast Journalism, Juwon Funes, a junior with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations, and Landon Thomas, a senior with a major in Media Productions. Since two of the original members graduated, the Rumor Report held auditions this Fall semester. They recruited Ronny Castro, a junior with a major in Broadcast Journalism and Imani Brown, a junior who transferred to William Paterson this year with a major in Media Studies. Another new addition to this years show is Chris Rosado, a senior with a major in Media Production. Rosado works behind the scenes creating graphics, writing, and determining how to market the show. Rosado interns at WNBC in New York City and has his own production company called Elite Property Productions. Schiller, Funes, Thomas, and Rosado are the current producers, and Castro and Brown are talent.

Courtesy of the Rumor Report

Funes said that in the past semesters, the Rumor Report felt like just meeting with a group of friends and having fun. This semester, the vision for the show has completely changed Funes said, thanks to Rosado. Rosado allowed the members to see that the show has so much more potential. Junes said the presence of Rosado brought  “a new focus, an air of professionalism, and a different direction.”

The Rumor Report this year hopes to do more campus out reach. The members want to connect Hobart Hall to the main campus by making connections with different clubs and organizations. They want students to feel welcomed at the Rumor Report and to see the show as a platform to voice their talents, ideas, and opinions.

“We are looking for people within the Communications Department, who feel that they aren’t being afforded the same opportunities as kids within the TV Club,” said Funes.

For episode two last week, the Rumor Report invited students from campus to join them on set for a Halloween episode. The students dressed up in costumes and got to walk the runway while the members critiqued their look. The students were awarded best and worst costume. Upcoming on the show is a band called the “Switch Mob” who performs on other campus platforms. The Rumor Report will feature them, allowing the band to get more exposure by showing clips of their work and giving them a chance to speak about who they are.

The show goals are to produce quality content to show their future employers and to work on different activities on campus to show the Student Government Association that they are promoting William Paterson University in a positive manner.

Landon Thomas, an original member of the Rumor Report, has one semester left with the show. When asked how the Rumor Report has impacted his career Thomas said:

“I have something to show to jobs in the future. Producing is what I want to do and being on this show has gave me experience. Entertainment news is an outlet I enjoy.”

The Rumor Report films on Tuesday’s at 5 p.m. and the episodes are usually on their Youtube Channel by the end of the day. They are active on social media, Twitter and Instagram @Rumorreportwpu.

Check out their latest episodes here: