Things Get Stranger in “Stranger Things” Season 2

Megan Summers, Writer

The hit Netflix television show “Stranger Things is back, and it does not disappoint. The first season of the show was an instant phenomenon, from its 80’s nostalgia to the terrifying demi gorgons, people were in love with the show and couldn’t wait for more.  Season two aired on October 27, picking things off a year after the events that happened in season 1.

Usually, the second season of a hit show isn’t as good as its first. The first season of “Stranger Things” was so good that people were worried it wouldn’t rise to the same standard during its second season. Fear not, because it’s just as good. It’s been a year since the disappearance of Will Byers and the appearance of the Upside Down. Everything’s fine, there is a new girl in school, Will’s back, and everything seems normal. Well, that is until Will starts experiencing visions of the Upside Down, Dustin finds a strange creature, and Eleven is held up with Hopper in an old cabin, away from the world. Throughout the season there’s great suspense, humor, and actions. It mixes these elements so well and the actors do an amazing job. Not giving away any spoilers, but it keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats and making everyone watch the whole season in one day just to see what happens. Not many shows have the ability to do something like that. The end of each episode leaves the viewer with swelled emotions and mystery that it makes them click “next episode” as fasts they can.

“If it isn’t apparent already, Stranger Things: Season 2 was a joy to watch. Even in its weaker moments, there are still excellent performances from both new and returning cast members. The Duffer Brothers kept everything you loved about Season 1 and built a bigger, better version of the series that won’t leave you feeling disappointed,” said IGN writer David Griffin.

The world of “Stranger Things” keeps getting bigger and bigger, with more twists and surprises this season that is definitely setting up for more in the future. The plot around Eleven’s powers and The Lab’s experiments are examined more in this season as well as delving more into the weirdness that is the Upside Down. This season also introduces two more characters new to Hawkins, Max (played by Sadie Sink) and her stepbrother Billy (played by Darce Montgomery). Max is added as a fresh perspective on the happenings of The Party (the name of the Mike and everyone’s group). As well as the lovable Bob, Joyce’s new boyfriend. The new additions to the series really bring more substance to the show through their interactions with the other characters. Not to mention Steve being the best babysitter in the world.

If you were not sure if you want to start Stranger Things and continue it, please do it. It’s an amazingly well done show with incredible actors and creative plot. Netflix has really raised the bar for television with this series and others.