Pioneer Café Series: Arte A Lo Latinx: Pablo Picasso Paint Night

Albert Bustos, Art Director

On September 29th, 2017, in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month there was an event called, Arte A Lo Latinx: Pabo Picasso Paint Night that took place in the Multipurpose Room at 9pm. It’s part of the Pioneer Café Series that takes place biweekly on Fridays on campus. The event was funded by the Student Government Association, Campus Activities, and Student Development & Sophomore and Junior Experience.

Dana Majana, an art professor at Essex County College was the painting instructor for the night. She guided the collective to paint a modified version of “Lady Sitting in Chair,” by Pablo Picasso. There was also a build your own taco buffet with light refreshments.

In the middle of the painting party, the painters took a short break while Professor Majana took this time to teach a little bit about the history of Pablo Picasso and some fun facts about his work and life.

As the painting party continued, some students worried that their work wasn’t resembling the instructor’s. Other students took this opportunity to add a little twist of their own to the painting. While the perfectionistic students suffered because theirs’ wasn’t identical to the instructor’s.

In art making, having fun during the process of the work is very important. Many times, a great work is the result of simply having a good time doing it. Majana reassured the crowd that they were doing fine and she went around and assisted students who were having difficulties.

Amanda Jimenez, a Campus Activity intern and graduate student, said “The aim of the series is to have students look forward to staying on campus over the weekends.” Jimenez graduated in 2010 with a degree in secondary English education and from 2013-2014 she was the news and copy editor for the Beacon Newspaper.

To find out what’s happening on campus download the CORQ app or visit: You can also go directly to the campus activity office in the Student Center, room 302 for any inquires. You can reach Dana Majana at [email protected] and Amanda Jimenez at [email protected].

Take advantage of these events. They’re fun and therapeutic and free of any charge.

Albert Bustos
Left: Dana Majana instructing the painters
Right: Nursing Major, Grace Lim