The Student Film Association


Courtesy of Wyatt Mayes

Anthony Baamonde , Contributing Writer

William Paterson is full of great clubs, if you’re looking to make movies look no further than the Student Film Association (SFA). The SFA is dedicated to anything filmmaking. It is student run club that meets every Thursday at 12:30 in Hobart Hall, room 140A. The SFA has students split into small groups for the semester. There, they will brain storm, write, and eventually make their first movie. In this club you’ll meet tons of people who love movies and are interested in making film. Experience doesn’t matter, whether you’ve made movies in the past or never touched a camera before, you will be given the tools and knowledge needed to make a film. Being apart of this club allowed me to ask a few questions to two of the club’s staff, Alex Collins and Andy Pace.

Alex Collins is the treasurer of the SFA. When asked why he chose filmmaking Collins said, “Because of the sheer creative freedom allowed with the filmmaking process.” Collins’s inspiration for filmmaking and join the SFA came from his childhood. “Using my moms older camera when I was younger and going through the process of learning new film technique.” Two of Collins’s favorite films are Interstellar and The Shinning. 

Andy Pace, is the a secretary of the SFA and got into films because of his father. “Growing up I always loved movies, and my dad would tell me all about all the background aspects about making them,” Pace said. “It stuck with me growing up.”

Pace’s inspiration on joining the SFA is a little different than Collins’s. Pace joined by complete accident.

“To be completely honest, I ended up here accidentally,” said Pace. “I went to a technical high school and thought I was going for video game design. It turned out to be film and I stuck with it.” Pace’s favorite film is The Boondock Saints.

Joining the SFA is absolutely worth joining if you’re a film buff. You’ll learn thing’s you never knew about filmmaking. It’s also a great way to network and meet new people. The SFA is also great to add to your resume and it might help you find an internship. The SFA is here to help you achieve your dreams of being a filmmaker.

“SFA helps with leadership skills and sharing knowledge of filmmaking and the process as well,” Collins said. “We give you the opportunity to make your own films to put on your reel,” said Pace. “And to make connections with people who may end up being your bosses one day.”

This October, the SFA will be having their annual Halloween Film Festival. Students are to get together in their groups and make a short horror film. The group with the best film wins the festival. The SFA helps students learn group work and brainstorming. The students all have a role and will sometimes take turns. Everyone has a part in the filmmaking process. The Halloween Film Festival will be held on Friday, October 27th in Hobart Hall.

Courtesy of the SFA Club