The Comedy Club brings laughs to WPU


Courtesy of Alex Delesky

Nicole Casal, Contributing Writer

As the group got together for their first meeting since the summer break, there was a warm feeling of reunion in the room. The president of the Comedy Club, Alex Delesky, introduced himself and the club’s officers. This first meeting was an open mic night. All members were encouraged to come up to the microphone and give it their best shot at standup comedy. Delesky picked names out of a hat and fondly introduced people as they came up to the mic.

The Comedy Club began at the end of the spring 2017 semester. Delesky said it took the whole semester to get the club functioning but they managed to squeeze in a couple of meetings towards the end of the semester.

“I started the Comedy Club because we have a comedy department at this school,” said Delesky, a media productions major. “I knew there would be a demand for people who wanted to perform standup and write sketches.”

“Me and my friend Alex Delesky formed this club because we’re both standup comedians and we wanted to do more standup,” said Ethan Lyte,the vice president. “The more people that come out the better.”

During the second meeting, the room broke up into three different groups to write and perform skits. Delesky made sure to let everyone know that it was meant to be fun, and that no one should take it too seriously. For many people, this is the reason they come to the Comedy Club. Students spend their whole day completing tasks that should be taken seriously. The club is a welcoming, refreshing place to cure the mid- week study blues every Wednesday night writing funny, SNL-like sketches with friends.

When asked what was his favorite part of running the comedy club, Delesky said it was all of the connections the club is making at WPU. “There are people all across the communications department who want to work with the Comedy Club and use our writers,.” Delesky said and then served up a list comprised of the Amateur Radio Club, the TV Club, the Pioneer Players, and the LGBTQA Celebration Committee.

Delesky’s comedy inspirations include, but are not limited to, Louis C.K, Bill Burr, Kat Williams and Sarah Silverman. His only advice for those interested in writing standup is “Don’t steal jokes!”

“I love the Comedy Club,” said Matt Stevens, a media productions major. “It’s very creative and I get to interact with other like-minded people.”

The Comedy Club meets every Wednesday from 7 p.m to 9 p.m. Since meeting locations fluctuate, those interested should email Delesky at [email protected]