13 Reasons Why This Show is Different

Deniz Zengin shows from casting to relevant everyday problems why this is a must see.


Courtesy of: themighty.com

Deniz Zengin, Staff Writer

“13 Reasons Why” is a show on Netflix that came out on March 30 that is based off of the 2007 best-selling novel by Jay Asher. The story is about Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a girl who committed suicide and beforehand, made seven cassette tapes. These tapes explain the reasons why she killed herself. Whoever is specifically mentioned in the tapes has to listen to all of them.

The main character, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), still goes through trauma and heartbreak over Baker’s death throughout the series until he gets to his tape. This show seems to be getting a lot of views, but there are different aspects that aren’t talked about as much.

First, the cast is a bit more diverse than in most shows. The casting has Hispanic, African-American and Asian actors and actresses in the show. The best part about it is that they’re not being portrayed as some stereotype. For example, some of the characters in this show are a gay Hispanic man, an Asian basketball player and an African-American guidance counselor. It may be something that’s overlooked in the show, since there’s a lot more to it than the cast, but it’s a plus.

Another thing that 13 Reasons captures is accurately portraying problems among adolescents. This includes portraying the effects of bullying and rape. They show how a rape victim can be affected when being sexually assaulted and what happens when a case of sexual assault is brought up.

When it comes to suicide, they show how it affects people, and how others will take it. In the show, people are heartbroken whereas others assume she did it for attention. Another problem showed is how high school counselors handle serious cases of bullying. Specifically, it shows the outcomes of what can potentially happen if someone were to be bullied and did not get the proper help. 13 Reasons took real life situations and depicted realistic results.

The one concerning factor of  the show is that it can be very triggering. There are a lot of graphic scenes, such as rape, abuse and suicide. If you want to watch this show but feel uncomfortable watching some graphic or potentially triggering scenes, here’s when to skip without any spoilers:

Episode 7: 25:13-25:23

Episode 9: 31:20-32:40, 38:50-42:35, 46:40-47:02, 50:20-51:20

Episode 12: 00:40-01:10, 51:00-52:25

Episode 13: 35:45-38:53