MLB The Show 17 Captures America’s Pastime

Our Ryan Doyle captures all the fun in the new hit baseball video game.

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Ryan Doyle, Editor-In-Chief

San Diego Studios’ “MLB The Show” franchise has been lauded as one of the best sports video game franchises. They consistently deliver a strong product annually and it’s no different in 2017.

With the usual beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay, The Show added new features in their newest version of the game.

One of the coolest features in the new game is retro mode. This mode allows a player to travel back in time to when video games were simpler. There weren’t beautiful graphics or extensive controls schemes, just simple arcade-style games.

In retro mode, the controls are basic and anyone from age five to 100 can play this mode. It’s a blast to play with friends and hopefully the San Diego Studios crew can expand upon it in the next few years.

In a move that has been long overdue to many players, Diamond Dynasty has been revamped. This mode is where a player can build a team of stars from the past or present and compete against other players from across the world.

In previous installments, this mode was difficult to enjoy, but the developers were able to change some of the gameplay mechanics so players cannot abuse the flaws in the game. With a more enjoyable experience and more ways to earn players, Diamond Dynasty has gotten much better.

Arguably, the best thing that MLB The Show 17 brings to the table is Pave Your Path. This is a new addition in the Road to the Show mode where players can make their own decisions as they try to maneuver through the minor leagues on their way to the MLB.

The Pave Your Path mode finally delivers on a personalized experience that this game has been lacking. The “NBA 2K” series has a similar mode that has brought them much success. MLB The Show was smart to follow in their footsteps and bring the fans a similar experience.

As all baseball fans know, the season is a marathon. It takes forever to play 162 ballgames and it’s no different in a video game.

Thankfully, players can play through an entire MLB season in a much faster pace than before. Brand new quick manage and critical situation mode allow players to jump into games when they want to. This will make playing franchise mode less of a hassle and make the mode more enjoyable.

Although all of these are welcomed additions to the series, many of them still have major holes. The Pave Your Path is a great way to start personalizing a career mode, but it needs to take a few more steps to increase its replay value. In less than a month after release, people are already complaining about repeating cutscenes and decisions.

One of the best things about MLB The Show are its graphics. The stadiums, player models and overall atmosphere of the game is gorgeous. It really feels like you are at the park when you play this game. Other sports franchises mimic this game, but none have come close.

MLB The Show is still one of, if not, the best sports video game on the market. The PlayStation exclusive is one of the reasons pick the console over its rivals. If the game can continue to add great features like it did this year, expect more greatness in the near future.