Spend Your Time and Money Wisely



Albert Bustos , Art Editor

Attending college ­­­is expensive. There are many people in debt over how much money it costs. I’m just boggled by students who go to college to slack throughout the whole semester and fail.

In my college experience, I’ve crossed paths with certain students who really don’t care what grade they get. I’m baffled by this. Why would anyone waste their time and money on a college education when they don’t take it seriously and don’t seem to care if they fail.

There are many people that would love to attend college but cannot do so because of financial difficulties and other reasons. So take advantage of this because many people don’t have the privileges to even attend a college.

College is a place to grow and to prepare for your future. Of course, enjoying your college experience is 100 percent ok, but when you begin to not even try to do well, you’re wasting valuable time and money.

Instead of wasting your money, your parents’ money or government funding, with all due respect, just drop out. Take that money and buy yourself a nice car and come back to college when you’re ready.

If you graduate high school and go straight to college afterwards but are not enjoying it and feel that you need a break, my sincerest advice to you is to attend college when you feel you are ready for it. It can be a year or two, or maybe even five or ten years from now.

When you are ready to begin your higher education, when you think you are ready to tackle a college workload and when you desire to improve yourself through college, then it might be a sign that you are actually ready for this type of responsibility.

There are individuals that are successful and either never stepped foot in a college or dropped out. The ones that come to mind are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rachael Ray, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Steve Madden and many more.

The thing is, I don’t think they bothered wasting their time in college. Instead, they worked hard for what they loved and used their time to focus on that.

I’m not here to talk down to anyone. I’m no better than the next person. It took me 10 years to say, “OK I’m done with the bullsh** it’s time to get my sh** together,” and go to college.

I didn’t write this piece for the student spending hours on assignments who tries hard but somehow fails to get good grades. Nor did I write it for the mother who has kids, a job and to top it off, attends college but gets mediocre grades. This is for the student who makes it to class an hour late and leaves an hour early.

This is for the student who spends the majority of class time on their phone or laptop doing things that are not class-related. For the student who’s never prepared and does nothing in class, but asks you to email them your notes. Last but not least, for the student that will offer you money to write a paper for them.

I also acknowledge that life in itself is not easy. A student may be going through something difficult. College may not be the top priority in their life at the moment. Again, this is for the class clowns that waste their time, money and resources to do nothing but goof off.

Also, if you receive a grant or loan from the government and your grades are poor, they can take away any help they are giving you.

I’m not here to judge anyone, because who am I to do that? A person can spend their money and time however and whenever they want. I’m just suggesting that perhaps you’d be better off elsewhere than at a college.

So straighten up, brush your shoulders off, focus and either be the best student you can be or an extremely successful college dropout. Remember that there is a time and place for everything, especially an education!