Uni-Ink: WP’s New Arts Magazine


Deniz Zengin, Staff Writer

A new publication will now be featured on campus. Although, it isn’t what you would normally find in a newsstand. This magazine will show off the creative side of William Paterson’s students.

Uni-Ink will cover all of the art related events on campus. It will also be a place for students to show off their photography, writing and designing skills. Uni- Ink is a club and is open to any student that may be interested in contributing.

Uni-Ink wants to help students gain exposure and improve upon their skills. They also hope to teach newcomers a few things about art.

Samantha Shank, the Editor-in-Chief of Uni-Ink, is a graduate student from Albright, which is where the idea for the club came from.

“Albright was way smaller than WP, so when I got here and looked at the list of clubs looking for an arts magazine, I was shocked to not find one. So, I said why not start one myself,” said Shank.

Currently, Uni-Ink is a small magazine, but the group hopes to grow by hosting workshops on campus. They will be hosting a release party later this month with food and live performances by WPU students. There will also be a pop-up gallery and free copies of their first issue.

Although Uni-Ink is an arts magazine, Shank wants students from all interests to get involved.

“I intend Uni-Ink to be a place where you can learn those skills from other members, ” said Shank.

“I want Uni-Ink to be this kind of watering hole for the WP art community”, said Shank.

Students who may be very good and art, may not be strong at layout. Meaning they can create the art, but when it comes to creating the actual magazine, they struggle. Uni-Ink wants to be a place where students can broaden their horizons by learning new skills.

To them, there are no boundaries to what is considered “art”. Their motive is to spread the word and give recognition to the arts on campus. They also want to see artists of all kind coming together to collaborate and form new ideas.

Their Magazine Release and Showcase Event will be held in the arcade on April 24 from 7 p.m. -10 p.m.

The club is looking for an accounting or business major who can coordinate the club’s budgeting and fundraising.