The Star Wars Holiday Special, Jar Jar Binks Were Brilliant Ideas

In the future, please talk about this article like how The Holiday Special and Jar Jar Binks are talked about. (Never bring it up!)

Star Wars Holiday Special

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Deez-Nuts , Staff Writer

Most people know about “Star Wars, with that space family, the Skywalkers, that alien-looking guy and that furry character who travels with Han Solo and doesn’t speak English.

To be clear, that alien looking guy is not the old and green slob. I’m talking about the tall one that always says “meesa” in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.” He, Jar Jar Binks, doesn’t seem like such a bad character. He appears to be quite innocent, and befriends a young jedi by the name of Anakain Skywalker.

In fact, Jar Jar is one of the best characters in Star Wars. You know what else was a fabulous idea too? That Christmas Special with the fur family. I’m not sure why, but it seems a lot of Star Wars fans tend to hate both of those things. Even the director, George Lucas, denies that they happened.

I mean, the “Star Wars Holiday Special was just about that big bear’s family, and it was easy to understand. Who cares if it wasn’t in English. You didn’t even need subtitles to understand what they were saying. By the time the special was over, anyone would be fluent in Wookie, the furry family’s native language.

Oh yeah, and who can forget about that musical scene? That scene was simply phenomenal. It makes me wish that there was a Star Wars musical. The only thing that would’ve made the “Star Wars Holiday Special better was if Jar Jar Binks was in it. Jar Jar has the voice to get the lead musical number and should have multiple solos throughout if it were to happen. That Jar Jar character doesn’t seem like the bad guy that people say he is. He just seems to be a misunderstood character. I mean, why else does he act like he doesn’t know what’s going on?

Everyone, even those little robots, hate him for no reason. His own species and that guy with the long hair all think he’s weird. In reality, he’s just a quirky alien who’s really clumsy and sounds like Stitch from the animated TV show, “Lilo and Stitch.” I think he’s just an innocent character with no evil blood inside him. He’s not like that evil Darth Vader guy.

The Star Wars Holiday Special and Jar Jar Binks are both of George Lucas’ best creations. They deserve the same kind of recognition that the movies get from their fans. And yes, even the same recognition as “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.”