Hunziker Wing: WPU’s Own Theme Park

Dancing Old Guy, Six Flags

According to a source who has been heavily involved in the building’s renovations, William Paterson’s Hunziker Wing will be transformed into an indoor roller coaster.

With the recent complaints about parking and higher tuition rates, the university has decided to spend money in the best possible way, by creating a multi-million dollar roller coaster on campus.

The roller coaster is supposed to be themed around the ghosts that supposedly live on William Paterson’s campus. With the school dating back to 1855, many stories of haunted buildings and classrooms have circulated around campus. The new thrill ride will bring them to life.

The finale of the coaster is supposed to feature good ol’ Willy P himself as he chases passengers around a massive loop.

Although the renovations have been kept extremely quiet, rumors have spread about what the new building will be used for. Originally, many felt that this would be a perfect building to house the English and History departments, but with the news of a new roller coaster on campus, there are concerns with how those departments will now fit on campus.

This new coaster will be a historic creation as this will be the first one in the world built on a college campus. William Paterson expects a boost in enrollment due to this new facility. School administrators believe this will be the best way to relieve stress.

The roller coaster is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018.