Donald Trump: The Best President of All-Time

Donald Trump

Me, Donald Trump , President of the United States

Not even three months into his presidency, it’s clear that Donald Trump is absolutely and unequivocally the greatest president in the history of the United States.

It’s been nothing but smooth sailing so far for the Trump administration, which has been able to unveil countless executive orders and acts that have already begun to change our country for the better.

Abraham Lincoln had the Emancipation Proclamation, John F. Kennedy had the Civil Rights Act in the works before his assassination in 1963 and President Trump has his equally famous piece of legislation, the Immigration Ban.

When asked to comment on how his first few months in office have gone, President Trump said, “Quite frankly, I think it’s been fantastic and a yuuuuge success. My administration which, quite frankly, may be the best administration in the history of administrations, combined with my ability, which is fantastic ability, has helped us to improve our great nation bigly.”

The ban itself was incredibly well done and only signed into action at the appropriate time and when every single detailed was ironed out. Not surprisingly, it received great reviews from The Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN, MSNBC and President Trump’s personal favorite, The New York Times.

 Aside from the president’s brilliant executive orders, his ability to unify the country has made him the outstanding president that he is.

Before his inauguration, the country was understandably divided; Trump was a political outsider with no experience who said some highly questionable things throughout the campaign season.

After the brilliant performance from the still-relevant Three Doors Down during his record-breaking inauguration in terms of crowd size, there hasn’t been a single clash between pro-Trump and anti-Trump protestors to speak of.

Unifying the country better than any president has before him is truly a worthwhile accomplishment, but running a scandal-free White House, which Trump has obviously done, separates the George Washington’s from the Millard Fillmore’s.

Coming into his presidency in 2008, President Barack Obama had the whole birth certificate scandal to deal with. Richard Nixon had the Watergate scandal further along into his and, well, we all know about Bill Clinton’s little “escapade” in the mid-1990s. Unlike these previous presidents, Trump’s presidency thus far has been scandal-free and very transparent.

Any concerns or qualms about Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign and administration, whether in regard to General Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and basically the entire country trying to interfere in our election have all but been extinguished.

President Trump has been able to keep the media’s focus and attention on hard-hitting issues like healthcare, all while building a warm and friendly relationship with the press, for which he has great respect for.

With all of this 100 percent, fact-checked information laid out, it’s easy to see that President Trump, in less than three months in office, has proven to be the best president in the history of the United States. All he has to do now to cement this legacy is to build a great, big, beautiful wall on our Southern Border.