BACON: The People Watchers

Insert, Fake Name

In what looks to be one of the hottest new clubs on campus, the ‘People Watchers’ have exploded onto the William Paterson scene.

The new club explores and promotes the hobby of “people watching”. “People watching” is the phenomenon where people stare and watch other people in public places for long periods of time. Hawkers, as club members are referred to, sometimes build back stories and often make judgments on the people being watched.

Everyone does it. Sitting at the mall or a populated place on campus like the student center, people watching is how many people waste time.

The President of the club Brylee Lonely plans to host people watching events starting later this month. The club’s inaugural event will be a people watching competition.

The winner will be decided by who creates the best fake story for the person they are watching. A panel of WPU administrators will judge the contestants.

“The art of people watching is dying,” said Lonely. “People are too busy looking at their phones and the art of watching has taken a major hit in popularity.”

With the use of smartphones, the youth of this country are lacking the social skills to communicate. More importantly, they aren’t people watching. Students aren’t paying attention to the people that are walking by them as they wait for class.

Smartphones are killing one of the few natural aspects of human life that are left. People watching is beginning to feel the effects of modern day technology.

“We don’t judge as much as we used to.,” said John Cena (the only man in the world that cannot be watched). “We are staring at our phones and not judging someone for what they wear or how they look. It’s a travesty.”

This club had it’s first meeting early last month, nearly 100 students attended and discussed what they looked for when watching people.

Some students liked to study mannerisms while others look at the clothes and style people have. Either way, the club is full of passionate students that love the sport.

“I sat in a museum one day and people watched for four hours,” said some girl. “I don’t care about stupid fossils or paintings from thousands of years ago. People watching is the greatest form of entertainment on this planet.”

The club meets in various places. They meet where there are going to be large crowds. Sometimes on a bench in Zanfino Plaza or the tables in the student center.

Always be aware that people are judging you when you walk by. The people watchers are lurking all over the William Paterson campus.