The BACON : Barack Obama: The New Face of Spring Break

Alexandra Larson


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From President to travel promoter, Barack Obama is the new face of Spring Break travel packages!

Photos of the previous president tell the story of the luxuries enjoyed in the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, California, and even New York City. Fascinating activities like kite-surfing, golfing, and dining at the hottest spots are said to be a ploy for travelers and tourists to replicate.

Not only was the former president elected two terms in office, he also received the Harvard Journal’s nomination of “Best President to Spend a Weekend with” list, narrowly passing Abraham Lincoln for the #1 spot on the list. It’s no wonder he is the new face of international and national travel for the United States’ Federal Explorative Tourism Association (FETA)

Kevin Systrom, founder and CEO of Instagram reports that the hashtags,

“#springbarack2k17” and “#Obamavaction”

have increased by 40% over the past two weeks as colleges enter into spring break season.

Leslie Knope, a spokeswoman for FETA explains that the star quality Mr. Obama brings to these locations though social media is beneficial, and already increasing tourism and economy in specific locations.
“To have leverage on a social media app like Instagram, the former president engages a wide audience of millennials, likely to experience wanderlust and actually be willing to pick and go somewhere for the spring break season.” Knope explains.



She encourages spring breakers to research their community offerings for activities if they are not planning upon traveling cross country.

As for Obama he is reported to settle down and spend the next month lying low on a private French Polynesian island. Understandable. We wish him all the best.