News Flash: Celebrities Are People Too

Deniz Zengin, Staff Writer

Everyone loves celebrities, but how far should we go when it comes to showing love?

A week ago, Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie admitted that he had to move out of his own house due to fan harassment.

Urie said, “As time progressed, so did the amount of letters. Not just letters and gifts, this soon changed into visits and constant harassment from fans. It got so bad that I didn’t feel safe in my own home.” Now, Urie decides to keep his location unknown to keep him and his family safe.

“Boundaries are boundaries for a reason” Urie said in his tweet about relocating, which is relevant in this case. These celebrities that we look up to are just people, they just have a lot of publicity. However, it doesn’t give fans the right to invade their privacy and make them uncomfortable in their own personal lives.

These people are put on a pedestal because of their net worth, as well as being on TV, magazines or the internet. As fans, we tend to forget that these people were once like us, and are still humans who deserve respect just like any other human.


These people are always on cameras, but they have lives behind them. There’s a fine line between being obsessed with a person’s work and being obsessed with the person themselves. Sometimes, fans should put themselves in celebrities’ shoes, and ask, “What if this was you and your family in this situation?”

Usually, celebrities on their social media want to be open with their fans about their life outside of their profession, but a lot of fans take advantage of that. I know with some fan-bases, I have seen a lot of male music artists feature their romantic partners on their social media, which lead to fans sending rude messages to their partners. It shouldn’t be celebrities watching what they have to post on their Instagram or Twitter, it’s fans that need to understand that they are just like us outside of their fame. Celebrities are entitled to respect, regardless.