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Brave New Radio student journalist raised a ‘Brave’ Question at Shea Center


WAYNE, March 27 (BEACON): William Paterson University’s Communication Department students received appreciation from the crowd after raising the daring question about press freedom at the Shea Center when the stage was chaired by a heavyweight political personality and the University’s President himself.


Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide, visited William Paterson University on Wednesday.


She was interviewed by William Paterson University President Richard J. Helldobler at Shea Center, on the University campus. The University organized the meeting ahead of the next U.S. presidential election which will take place in November. 


She said William Paterson University’s discussion event held on Wednesday is her first such event in her home state New Jersey.


She was asked many questions related to her newly published book ‘Enough’. The book described her days in the White House, where she worked under White House chief Mark Meadows, during the Trump presidency, and her mental stress due to the experiences after the January 6 United States Capitol attack.


Isabel Birritteri is a communications major and news director of Brave New Radio, a student-run news organization at William Paterson University.


However, the organizers barred journalism clubs from having a separate interview with Hutchinson.

She asked why organizers did not allow student reporters to interview Hutchinson, to the hearty approval of the crowd.


“I will talk to my team about that,” said Hutchinson.


“Press wasn’t a part of the deal tonight. We are sorry about that,” Helldobler said.


Emotions are very high for Isabel in the auditorium who displayed courage  by asking  brave question. 


“Asking her that question was thrilling. After learning there wouldn’t be a chance to talk to her at a book signing I knew we had to take our chance while we had it,” and “I was so glad I was able to bring up the issue and get the information we needed from her and Helldobler. I also really hope that bringing up the issue of student journalism in such a public space opens up more opportunities for future student journalists.” the Communication Department student Birritteri told the Beacon. 


 You can reach out to Susmita Majumder at [email protected]

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