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The Heart of William Paterson University’s Entertainment: DJ Nix


If you ever find yourself strolling across the sprawling campus of William Paterson University and you feel the rhythmic bump of bass music under your feet, if so, then you have found yourself walking into one of the legendary DJ Nix’s electrifying school events.


The school’s infamous DJ, is known to be the heart and soul of every school gathering, whether in or out, he is there with his turntable, massive speakers, and an endless collection of songs that jumps students to their feet at the sound of the first beat.


Nix was first inspired to be a DJ after watching his father, a chemist who was a disc jockey on the side. 


“Whatever you do, do not become a DJ,” Nix’s father said to him.  


But, as one can see, his father’s words did not deter him from pursuing his dream. He went against his father’s words and chased his dreams anyways.


The journey, however, was not an easy trip. It took a lot of underpaying gigs. “I put the work in, I did parties for 50 bucks. I didn’t care,” he said.


It wasn’t until almost ten years later when Nix began gaining recognition from his work at BET that his father finally came around and respected his craft as a serious career. And right before his recent passing, his father told him that he respected what Nix had done. “And that meant the world to me,” Nix said.


Students at WP feel high admiration for Nix. Sarah Gouin, the president of S.A.B.L.E (Sisters for Awareness, Black Leadership and Equality), attests that Nix’s dedication is what sets him apart.  


“He doesn’t just do the music; he comes with a photo booth, Lights, a 360-video machine, and a photographer. He really cares about what he does,” Gouin said. 


Chris Smiley, the President of B.F.A. (Brothers for Awareness), talks on how versatile DJ Nix is and how crucial that is for the community of WP.


“Not only does he bring culture to the school, he also caters to all the cultures we have on campus. Being that we have so many cultural parties present on campus, I think that’s very important.”


But Nix’s character isn’t the only thing that students appreciate. Nahum Jukes, a recent alumni from WP that works closely with Nix, talks on Nix’s skill set when it comes to mixing.


“He has a lot of talent with mixing and transitions, and his song choices and transitions helps keep the energy up the entire event, no matter the type of crowd,” Jukes states with a smile.


Nix has been playing with William Paterson for almost two decades. He and his team travel to schools all over the country and have worked with artists including  Lil Uzi Vert, Jhene Aiko, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Rick Ross, and more.


He plays at other schools as well — Harvard, Howard, Princeton and many more — but he says that William Paterson gives him a rare opportunity that isn’t often given to minority businesses.  


“William Paterson was the first school that allowed me to handle all of their entertainment and trusted me to bring artists to the school,” Nix said. “I don’t think I would have been as big of a brand if it wasn’t for this school.”


To learn more about DJ Nix and his background visit 

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