Crave Series- Tracy Wolff Book Review


Adriana Sanchez, Editor

The Crave series is not your average sparkling vampire and human young adult paranormal romance. If you like romance, action, and mystery this is the series for you.

The series follows Grace, who after a traumatic event must be sent to her to her uncle’s boarding school. The Boarding school, which is called Katmere Academy, is no ordinary school, and the students are even less ordinary. The school contains supernatural beings. Each student belongs to a court: vampire, witches, dragons, and more. At first Grace wonders why she is here but the reader soon discovers she too, is not ordinary.

Our other main characters are Jackson and Hudson Vega, who are British bad boys and vampire royalty. Unlike Grace who had a happy childhood, the Vega brothers had a dark, difficult, and torturous past. However, they don’t let that stop them. Together they face betrayal, trials, and the difficulty of relationships when their world is threatened. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. They are challenged, mentally, emotionally, and physically. They will see things aren’t always what they seem. Secrets threaten to tear them apart.

Even though I love the character of Grace, the girl turns from a normal teenager girl to a force to be reckoned with. Tracy Wolff touches on subject such as anxiety, loss of a loved one, and relationships with Grace’s character. Grace goes from a naive life is terrible girl to a responsible leading lady.

Though there is debate over who is the better love interest, I am team Hudson all the way. Jackson is serious most of the times, with an occasional bad joke, and a sense of duty. Hudson, while annoying at times, is funny and sassy, but let’s Grace grow and gives her the space and confidence she needs. He too, has a sense of duty and does what he thinks he must do. Both Hudson and Jackson sacrifice a lot, but just how much do you have to sacrifice for the other to be happy? What or who do you need to sacrifice?

As someone who loves romance, the scenes with Grace and Hudson were some of my favorites. At first Grace didn’t get along with Hudson, but they got closer to one another and got to learn about each other. They know they have each other’s back and know what the other needs even if it’s not said out loud.  Like every couple, their relationship goes through some rough times. Just like those other couples they get through the difficult times together and face their demons head on.

There were times I felt like swooning, crying, laughing, rolling my eyes, and just wanted to scream at the characters. The series touches on themes such as depression, anxiety, self- confidence, doing what you think is right, and sacrifice which are things everyone can relate to. The themes of depressions and anxiety were once themes few authors touch on, but are front and center in books now. It puts a spin on dark themes, which keep the story interesting.  A reader can see from this series that people deal with situations differently and that they still have loved one who care for them.

As the story progresses there is more and more to keep the reader hooked. There are twists and turns in every book, sometimes when you least expect it. You might be rooting for one character and suddenly change it to another character. Or perhaps you see yourself in a character. Maybe find yourself dealing with a similar situation, and I don’t mean the “I’m a gargoyle and never knew it” but a “I’m moving from one side of the country to another extremely different part” kind of situation.  Tracy Wolff writes with so much detailing I was immediately immersed in the world she created and in Grace’s mind. Almost as if you were a student at Katmere Academy watching this happening or Grace herself.

The final two books are slated to be released this year and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on them.