Zach Wilson: The Future of the New York Jets



Courtesy of Spencer Burt/Fox 13

Christopher Molina, Staff Writer

We’ve seen this before from the New York Jets, where quarterbacks have come and gone for over a decade. From Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Christian Hackenberg, and now Sam Donald. Choosing a quarterback is a priority to a successful team. It is a lot different from picking a pass-rusher.

It’s like hiring a new CEO for your company and clearly, the Jets haven’t figured it out in picking and ticking with their CEO in the past 15 drafts. It’s “the most important position in sports,” said Jets General Manager Joe Douglas — and he’s not wrong.

With this year’s NFL Draft, a lot of the attention is focused on Zach Wilson of BYU (Brigham Young University). Despite his undersized at 6-foot 2, 210, Wilson is known for his raising durability and being a natural passer. But being a potential future new quarterback for a team like the Jets will be difficult for him.

Even for Wilson’s being a rookie, there’s no shortage of moxie in his personality, and that can be a good thing or be a problem for those around him. Which shows that leadership is hard to quantify. Regardless this is Douglas’ first and his last chance. For example, his previous three predecessors go only one swing at highly drafted quarterbacks:

For instance, Mike Maccagnan chose Sam Donald, John Idzik chose Geno Smith, and Mike Tannenbaum picked Mark Sanchez. With this troubled history behind this franchise, Wilson will face enormous expectations. Back at you, Douglas.

With the New York Jets have not turned their quarterbacks into successful players, the atmosphere is that they are eager to take Brigham Young quarterback Zach Wilson.  Wilson has catapulted up draft boards during his junior season in 2020, completing 247-of-336 pass attempts (73.5%) for 3,962 yards, 33 touchdowns, and just three interceptions in 12 games in which BYU went 11-1.

During his collegiate career and at an imposing pro-day showing, he showed a skill to make precise; playmaking throws both inside and outside the pocket. That agility also helps extend the play while adding another dimension to his collection of threats.

It’s just to wait and see what the future will bring on this troubled franchise because quarterbacks and head coaches, and General managers come and go, but the fans are always there. And the fans want a change for the better.