Lana Del Rey’s “Love” is Out of This World (Literally)

The indie-pop artist is back with a new song and music video


Deniz Zengin, Staff Writer

Known for her “grungey”, vintage sound, Lana Del Rey is back with a new single, “Love” on February 18th. This new track brings us back to the cinematic vibes of her album “Born To Die” and gives fans what’s in store for the next, untitled album.

The song itself sounds like a reminiscing of a 70’s romance story, with a little bit of a psychedelic vibe. Usually, Lana’s sound has always been those types that make listeners reminisce to a time they were never born in. As romantic as this song sounds, there is actually a deeper meaning to it. If there is anything deeper, it must be ambiguous, but the chorus to the song has a deeper meaning than love:

“But you get ready, you get all dressed up/To go nowhere in particular/Back to work or the coffee shop/It don’t matter because it’s enough/To be young and in love/To be young and in love”

This new song by LDR can be interpreted as life being hard, but we can get through. The ways to do so are to push forward, fight negativity and embrace the beautiful things life has to offer. Other than the message in this song, there are similar features to her grunge-inspired album,”Ultraviolence”. A little inspiration is heard, but a lot is heard

The video has a little twist from the typical, psychedelic aesthetic that Lana’s videos always had. It goes from a typical romantic date by the beach to driving into outer space. As “weird” as it may seem to be, it does fit the dramatic sound that “Love” gives, along with the concept. Which is, love makes us humans “space out”. As in, when we’re with that person we love, it’s like we are in a different universe, we might as well be floating around without gravity. The concept may be simple, but the videos aesthetic is “enough just to make you feel crazy.”

This fifth album seems to be the most promising for her fans, according to Del Rey. She mentions in a press release “I made my first four albums for me, but this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed.”