Fake News and Our President

Donald Trump has caused another controversy. This time he is coming after the mainstream media.


Ryan Doyle, Editor-In-Chief

I’m not the person to talk to about politics. I stay informed, but I cannot tell you everything that President Trump has done and what effect it has had on Congress. I’m the type of person that can tell you how to read a 4-3 defense and which player is going to be the next great quarterback out of college.

I am not shy about being a little more conservative than most college students. However, the president has rubbed me the wrong way recently. Trump has begun calling some very respectable news organizations “fake news.”

First of all, “fake news” is the false information that is spread (typically on the internet) as if it were authentic. There is no way one of the major television networks or newspapers are going to do that. This would cause them to lose viewership that they desperately need as they try to compete with social media.

Now, I wouldn’t mind if he was calling Breitbart or The Young Turks fake news, due to their obvious bias towards certain political parties, but calling The New York Times and CNN fake news? Preposterous.

The New York Times has been the “gold standard” of American journalism for a long time. It is one of the few newspapers that even us millennials know by name. For him to call that “fake news” is foolish.

Of course, every news organization has a bias. That bias can be seen especially when a president is bashing them on a daily basis, but The New York Times has been pretty fair with its coverage of President Trump.








If the president is so sure that he is being attacked by these news organizations, he should show some proof that they are lying or attacking him. Has one of these networks committed libel against Trump? Did they report something that was false and damaging to his reputation? I haven’t seen any proof of this. I have only heard Trump claim and yell about it in his frequent press conferences.

On top of his whining about the mainstream media, Trump has insisted that Fox News is one of the only non-biased news outlets. It has become common knowledge that Fox leans to the right. Fox twists its news coverage just like CNN and almost every other media outlet in America.

In a perfect world, none of this bias would exist, but money talks. If the “big wigs” at these networks are going to get more revenue for leaning towards one side, they will. This doesn’t mean these networks are “fake news.”

Listen, Trump takes a lot of heat from the media. He is a loud mouth that is going to be on the front page every day. That’s the route he took to win the presidency in the first place. Now that he has the proverbial throne, his criticism of the media is going to get even harsher.

As for the media covering Trump,  they need to continue to do their job ethically. The worst thing the media can do now is to get angry and attack him. That is exactly what Trump wants. He wants to show his supporters that the mainstream media is out to get him.