Creating even if you don’t know how

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Martina Frasca, Copy Editor

Now, more than ever, we need creativity in our lives.

Creating is important because it can do so much more than just prompting productivity. It can bring clarity, new perspectives, good ways to improve ones mood as well as becoming an outlet to relax or explore different artistic routes rather than getting caught up in the world we live in.

The problem is some people don’t know how to create or where to start. Others might feel unmotivated and can’t get out of their mind block.

I often feel that people only think of creativity as art and writing when the truth is that there are many more ways to be creative. It doesn’t only narrow down to those two options.

Creativity can consist of different mediums of art, such as: drawing, painting, pottery, journaling, storytelling or poetry. It can also include, but not limited to photography, sewing, building, scrapbooking, film or music.

Creating is anything that feels like the right way for you to express yourself even if it’s out of the norm.

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Now if you are having trouble finding your creative side, here are a few simple tips that can help you get back into the groove:


The first thing I would suggest is asking yourself why? Why do you want to be creative? Is it because it’s an easier way to express yourself? Do you just want to start making handmade items as gifts or for yourself? Maybe you got inspired by DIY videos on YouTube and you want to create your own.

I think that once you find your reason for wanting to be more creative, you’ll feel motivated to create.

The next thing I’d suggest you do is to find inspiration. One way you can do this is by paying attention to what you see happening around you and to do this I suggest eliminating distractions.

Turn off the tv, close the laptop and live in the moment. Take a walk. Be more observant. Bring a notebook everywhere you go or use your phones notes app and write down every idea, thought or possibility that pops into your head.

When it comes down to being creative, people work in different ways. Some only create when they get inspired. Others, however, find it helpful to make a schedule that will force you to sit down and focus on your craft. Block out time in your routine to be creative. Use this time to focus and brainstorm some ideas.

One thing to remember is you don’t need to push yourself to do things you no longer enjoy. There are plenty of other creative hobbies that you can pick up.


“Pushing yourself to do things you don’t like may dampen your desire to create other things.”


However, maybe you want to push yourself. If that’s the case, give yourself a time limit to stick to, and you may find yourself surprised by how much you enjoy adhering to a schedule.

It doesn’t matter what you do or how you create, just take some time to do it, and you’ll see all of the benefits of creating.