A Fresh Pumpkin Review: A Seasonal Goodie, Hubie Halloween


Hubie Halloween, Credit: Happy Madison Productions and Netflix.

Nikki Brissett, Contributing Writer

The funnyman Adam Sandler is back and so is that weird voice from his Robert Boucher character in “Waterboy (1998)” or Nicky Schear in “Little Nicky (2000)” in the Netflix 2020 film “Hubie Halloween” by Happy Madison Productions.

Sandler has created many different characters throughout his career and in “Hubie Halloween,” the Sandman plays Hubie DubBois aka “Pubie” who lives in his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. With the nickname “Pubie” it’s also a hint into how the towns folk perceive him which is as an oblivious and easily frightened weakling. 

As a grown man with a child-like mind, Hubie is still living with his mother (June Squibb) which gives all the more reason as to why people continue to pick on him. Despite Hubie’s dedication to his hometown, he is still a source of amusement for both kids and adults in the neighborhood.

Now making Salem safe has always been his mission and as the town busybody who spends most of his days looking for mischief to report, many townspeople see him as a snitch and a weirdo. Hubie spends a lot of days dodging and ducking items people hurl at him and no matter how kind he is, people just can’t stand him.

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Hubie DubBois, Credit: Happy Madison Productions and Netflix.

The opening scene of this comedy-horror starts off with long time recurring cast and friend (Ben Stiller) who has just announced over the intercom in a mental institute that a psycho Richard Hartman (Rob Schneider), Hubie’s old town friend is on the loose. It then cuts to the introduction of Hubie as he rides his bike to work through the neighborhood with kids throwing eggs towards his head. He then catches one egg in his thermos “Rocky Balboa” style that he carries around as a handy tool and eats it raw to only then scream vomit all into the street. 

The only people who show any respect for Hubie besides his mother who constantly reminds Hubie he needs to fight back against his bullies, is his second-grade longtime crush Violet Valentine (Julie Brown), a nice hearted divorcee of four years with three foster children who works at a diner and his quiet but overly nice new neighbor Walter Lambert (Steve Buscemi) who gives hints that he may be the reason as to why scary things are happening in the town. 

The breakout of Hartman and his suspicious neighbor Lambert takes him on a mission and frightens police officer Steve Downing (Kevin James). When people start to disappear all over town on Halloween night, the town’s protector sets off to make sure he keeps his people of Salem safe.

Many speculations occur with Hubie thinking his neighbor is kidnapping people, while officer Downing believes it’s Richard. Unfortunately, tables began to turn against him as people started to think maybe he was responsible for all the disappearances due to all the bullying over the years.

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Credit: Happy Madison Productions and Netflix.

Sandler reunites the viewers with his regular collaborators in his films along with fresh faces such as Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, Colin Quinn, Kenan Thompson, Ray Liotta, Kym Whitley, and so many more, as well as a tribute to the late Cameron Boyce who was supposed to be in the film. 

This is another film of Sandler’s that gives its viewers a predictable sense of humor, however unlike past films where his characters were constantly reminded of their broken lives, Hubie is different. There is no need for any sort of redemption rather it is the people who bullied him that should search out for it.  This comedy horror is filled with characters and a plot that keeps the watchers guessing and surprises until the very the end with am unexpected twist to finish it off.

“Hubie Halloween” is available on Netflix to stream.