A Virtual Discussion on Resiliency and Treatment Options During COVID-19

WPU Women’s Center and LGBTQIA+ Programs


Credit: Angela Donato

Angela Donato, Entertainment Editor

The Women’s Center of William Paterson University hosted a virtual event, “Domestic Violence & Transforming Trauma, an inclusive discussion on resiliency and treatment options during COVID-19.”

On Tuesday, October 27 2020,  the event was presented by WPU Aluma and Rebecca Stegmann, M.A., with an introduction by Mica Sher, L.S.W. LGBTQIA+ Services Provider. This event was a part of the ‘Violence Prevention in the LGBTQIA+ Community and Intervention Skills’ workshop series.

The topics covered during the event were, “What is domestic violence? Definitions & Dynamics,” “Domestic violence in the LGBTQIA+ Community,” “Domestic violence & COVID-19,” “Emerging treatment options & Trauma-Informed care,” and finally “Resources.”

At points, Stegmann led a couple of interactive exercises for those attending such as, “Trauma-Sensitive Yoga activity,” and a “Sensorimotor Therapy activity.”

Stegmann was a graduate assistant in The Women’s Center during her time at William Paterson and is currently a consulting clinician at a New Jersey Domestic Violence agency. Providing services to both survivors and perpetrators was the one who headed the discussion that night with the attendees.

The night was full of lively discussion and interaction between the hosts and the attendees while covering the varied amount of topics stated about.

Q. If someone is reaching out to The William Paterson’s LGBTQIA+ programs for the first time what is something you would want them to know?

A. “I have an entire focus on how to prevent, develop and implement programs that prevent violence in the LGBTQIA+ community, but I’m also a services provider. So, I am also a campus advocate, a confidential resource for LGBTQIA+ students who are maybe questioning the relationships they are in or are needing services for these topics that we’re talking about. So, it’s a highly unique position and it’s multi-faceted. There’s program development, but there’s also services provided to the students on campus, that’s what I would want people to know,” Sher said.

For on-campus resources you can contact the following if you or a friend is in need of support:

The Women’s Center, which is located in the John Victor Machuga Student Center in room 313.

Due to COVID-19 The Women’s Center’s staff, “take turns to be at the Center in person and to work remotely via phone/email/video conferencing when not scheduled to be on site.” Requests for appointments can be made by calling (973) 720-2578 or by email at [email protected].

LGBTQIA+ Services Provider, Mica Sher at (973) 720-2620 who is also located in Student Center room 313.

The Counseling, Health & Wellness Center, at (973) 720-2360 or (973) 720-2257 which is located at Overlook South (between Matelson & White Hall).

To learn more about the topics discussed here check out the PowerPoint (link only works on the computer) and for off-campus resources go to the end of the slide.