Get Away in the Comfort of your Own Home with Animal Crossing: New Horizons

“Build a new life from scratch! An island full of possibilities,” Nook Inc.


Credit: ACNH, Nintendo

Angela Donato, Entertainment Editor

In the era of social distancing, figuring out what to do with your free time can become quite the task, especially with the uneasiness on whether if its safe to go somewhere or not due to COVID-19.

However, do not fret! Tom Nook,  the head of Nook Incorporated has you covered with The Nook Inc. “Deserted Island Getaway Package” which is purchasable for you in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)!

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Nook Inc Check In Counter: Meet Timmy and Tommy Intro Dialogue (2020) - YouTube
ACNH, Nook Inc. Check In Counter with Timmy and Tommy. Credit: ACNH, Nintendo.

With ACNH, you’ll be escaping to a deserted island of your choice and make it into your own paradise along the way. You’ll have plenty of time to customize, create, build, and explore while playing. So, during your stay take some time occasionally to wind down, relax, take in the scenery as well as hang out and make some new friends.

ACNH “First of all, I would like to make one thing clear: I never explain anything.” Credit: @cybearizons, #acfloatchallenge.

Days in game will pass by in real time and with the seasons matching according to ones time zone. Welcoming for many new surprises and events all year round for players to enjoy and participate in.

Unlike past entries in the series “New Horizons” gives the players a fresh new take with having to start from scratch and build up from there as well as plenty of other new features.

The game includes pole vaulting over rivers, building inclines/ramps, terraforming (layout changes to your island), more options for customizing your character, Nook Miles currency, and a whole lot more!

DIY recipes is a new feature in the game as well and requires a bit of exploring to complete, but no worries each island is full of an abundant amount of resources that can be used for crafting. You might need to shake some trees, hit a few rocks, pluck some weeds or search for buried treasure to find the needed materials.

Nintendo also has free updates for ACNH for the holidays, and other content as well as fixing bugs in the game when necessary.

“Animal Crossing player brilliantly retells Spirited Away scene-by-scene,” Credit: Japanese Twitter user and Animal Crossing player Tsukimaro (@HUb0E61kOpP3F0a)

Fans will also get to welcome back some old faces as well as meet new ones!

The friendly and hardworking Isabelle is back to help make your island life smoother, the chill and absentminded campground owner from “New Leaf” Harvey is back as the owner of Harv’s island and replacing the train station from previous games is the newly created Dodo Airlines which allows players to visit and travel to other islands, which is operated by the receptionist Orville and pilot Wilbur.

Now, island life might be a bit slow and bare in the beginning, but with time it will become more lively than ever with animal villagers to accompany you along the way.

Help a lost explorer washed ashore find his communicator parts, dive deep within the sea to discover new creatures, customize your island to your liking, hang out with friends, dig up long lost fossils, or just enjoy the night sky waiting for a falling star to wish upon.

So, escape to your very own island paradise today on Animal Crossing: New Horizons!


Animal Crossing: New Horizons was launched back on March 20, 2020 and is the fifth installment in Animal Crossing’s main series since 2012’s New Leaf.