Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” unveils the prudes and drama queens



Christopher Risco, Staff Writer

It’s no surprise controversy arose from Cardi B’s comeback to music. She didn’t come alone though. She enlisted the help of the number one girl in hip-hop right now, Megan Thee Stallion. From their collaboration came “WAP”.

Sampling the legendary 90’s song “There’s some whores in this house” by Frank Ski, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion rap about their sexual desires. The lyrics of the song make many explicit references. They aren’t CupcakKe levels of explicitness but they come close.

“Spit in my mouth, look in my eyes. This pussy is wet, come take a dive. Tie me up like I’m surprised, let’s roleplay, I’ll wear a disguise, I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this little garage,” are just some of the lyrics.

The same day the song came out, the video was released, which started a social media frenzy. In the video, the two women explore a house with tigers in it and pose provocatively with snakes. They dance in what looks like a hypnosis factory and show off their bodies.

Kylie Jenner makes a cameo as she struts down a hallway in a leopard bodysuit before disappearing into another room. Along with Jenner, female artists Normani, Mulatto, Rubi Rose and Sukihana also made cameos.

The song itself is not all that. It was missing that extra oomph. Then again, what did we expect? I’m a casual fan of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. I only really know their hits. I don’t follow much of their personal lives either.

However, both artists are best known for rapping about sex, money, having a good time and being strong independent women. So, this song should not come as a surprise. Ben Shapiro and other critics of the song’s explicit messages about sex need to get over themselves. The lyrics fit the concept of the song and singing openly about sex isn’t bad.

The same can be said for the video. Both artists are best known for flaunting their bodies in their music videos and performances, and I say more power to them! Women should be allowed to express their sexuality just like men do and without excessive criticism.

Finally, Cardi B had the perfect response to people wanting Jenner removed from the video and saying Normani should have been in Kylie’s position. There is even a petition to remove Jenner from the video.

“Why did I put Kylie on my music video? She treated my sister and daughter so lovely at her kid’s bday party,” Cardi B said in a series of now deleted tweets, from an article on Upnewsinfo. “Travis  and Set are real close and Kris Jenner have given me advice on certain things I ask for and her husband real cool with mine.”

Cardi B continued to talk about how great of a dancer Normani is and why she shouldn’t have taken Jenner’s spot in the video.

“Why would she open a door,” she said.

“Please tell me how that would make sense? The best part of the song is the beat and hook it what makes you want to shake your ass. Not everything is about race. Theres issues out here in the world that it is about race that I preach all the time about.”

Agreed Cardi. Nothing else needs to be said.