Men and women cannot just be friends



Christopher Risco, Staff Writer

Over in Britain, there is a competition show called “Dancing on Ice.” It is similar to the popular U.S. show “Dancing With The Stars.” However, the dancing is on skates instead of a ballroom floor.

Although I’ve never seen the show, I have heard of it and a scandal has been brought to light recently. A professional ice skater named Alexander Demetriou has split from his wife, Carlotta Edwards, a professional ice skater. They join a long list of contestant couples who have broken up. He announced their split on his Instagram stories.

“Carlotta and I have separated. Although it saddens me that we can no longer be together, I feel this is best for both of us,” wrote Demetriou.

There are rumors circulating that the reason for their split has to do with his “friendship” with skating partner and “Love Island” reality star, Maura Higgins. Demetriou admitted it became a problem in his marriage. Both Higgins and Demetriou denied any romantic involvement.

“Maura and I have never hid the fact we are close as friends. Within a month, we already had a close bond,” said Demetriou in an interview with The Sun.

Higgins told the Sun that her and Demetriou have trained for months, but states they they were just close friends.

“It doesn’t bother me. We’re in 2020 and a man and woman cannot just be friends. Pure shit you know,” said Higgins on an Instagram live video.

I understand her frustration but judging by this response, I would venture to say that the rumors did bother her a little enough to respond.

Demetriou was seen leaving Higgins’s house recently. Who is to say that when he went over to her house, they didn’t get intimate. By that point he was already broken up with Edwards.

Higgins had also just broken up with her ex-boyfriend. Who is to say that they didn’t sleep together while training and during the show? He tried to play it off like it was no big deal.

“I stopped by to say goodbye before I headed to Blackpool,” Demetriou said. “On the last night, it was so hectic. I felt like I hadn’t properly had the chance to thank her.”

Also in his interview with The Sun, Demetriou cited distance as the reason for him and Edwards split. He also pointed out that he told Edwards they needed a break, but deep down he knew the marriage was over, which infuriated me.

Spare me the we-need-a-break crap. If I was a woman and my boyfriend said that we needed a break, I would respond with “Ok we’re done.”

Either we are together or we’re not. There is no in between for me. If I do decide to end the relationship, there is no going back ever.

In this case, I see Demetriou and Higgins as two vulnerable heart-broken people; put them together for an extended period of time, and you can guess what happens.

Human beings are sexual creatures and supposedly the main purpose of men and women was to be intimate and procreate. There is just way too much opportunity for slip ups, which is why I believe men and women cannot just be friends.