Sports drama All American scores a touchdown: Season 2 review

Lanie Gatson, Social Media Coordinator

Talented football player Spencer James has made an impact on viewers in The CW show “All American.” With its second season coming to a close on March 9, we watch the sports star truly come to life. 

Last season, James made a name for himself in Beverly Hills despite the curve balls life threw at him. He still managed to keep his head in the game despite experiencing drama with family and friends to gang violence around his neighborhood.

We see James become more comfortable with his career path by building a bond with his teammates who he soon considers family. They all have the same ambition and goals: winning another championship and being recruited by some of the top-tier colleges. 

With only 42 minute-long episodes, the series of events that occur make them feel much shorter. They’ll leave you with cliffhangers that will have you wanting more.

“All American” can relate to any young sports athlete who is going down a journey of self-discovery while trying to maintain a relationship with their team.

The football team James plays with portrays an abundance of diversity. We see different ethical backgrounds between the players and can feel how passionate they are about the sport. 

One thing the series captures throughout the season is a heartbroken family trying to make amends. This includes James’s father, Corey James, who is trying to come back into his life to make peace with him and his younger brother. Their relationship with their father shows how life can be greatly affected by having an absent parent.

Even after winning a state championship, James still struggles with real-life problems back in his hometown, South Crenshaw, a borough of Los Angeles. James shows an altruistic side to himself, by trying to help guide others to the right path. In fact, he rather helps his best friend, Tamia Cooper (Bre-Z), over himself any day. Cooper gets further involved with a gang and finds herself in a situation that isn’t easy to escape. 

As Cooper gets involved with violence and murder, she realizes things are getting pretty serious. Sometimes when you grow up in poverty the only way to survive is by joining what’s around you. 

James overall makes a major comeback, even after experiencing minor setbacks. With positivity and optimism on his side, he comes out strong in every situation he’s put into. 

Containing a large fanbase, the show has already been renewed for another season. Once the show appeared on Netflix, the streaming service’s popularity made the show’s ratings skyrocket. Hang tight, because season three will start filming October 2020.