Wow! Pregnant Celeb is Pregnant!


Olive Garden, Reporter for BuzzBear Entertainment

Bertha the Bear, the super bear pop star who is dating Billy the Bear, just announced that she’s pregnant yesterday! Wow!

Rumors about a new baby bear started late March, the start of spring because that’s when bears come out of hibernation, and Bertha started dating Billy Bear just this fall. The internet is all over this couple.

“I am so proud of Bertha, she’s just like, so inspiring,” read a tweet from @honeyhoarder28. “Being pregnant is not an easy thing, and she’s also such a great singer, she’s so beautiful and amazing, and she’s pregnant. Wow. #BerthaBear”

#BerthaBear is the number nine topic trending on Twitter right now, just ahead of #GrizzlyGateScandal.

Bertha the Bear is due to give birth in early November, and she said she and Billy are not sure about a name yet.

“I’m happy to announce that Billy and I are, in fact, expecting a child,” said Bertha the Bear. “This was an unexpected blessing. We’re not sure about names yet, but we know it’s gonna be a girl. What I can say is that we’re going to name her something unique, not something boring and mainstream like ‘Olivia.’ #blessed #strongwomen”

Bertha the Bear’s tweet has been retweeted 7.2K times and has 65K likes. You go, girl!

She also said that she is excited to embark on this amazing journey of womanhood. The Grammy Award-winning, record-breaking and breathtaking superstar said she is not afraid of the possible challenges that lie ahead, and that, like the badass woman she is, has no regrets.

“The only thing that stinks is that she’s going to be a Scorpio,” Bertha the Bear said, “But we can deal with that.”

Billy the Bear is super proud of his girlfriend for being pregnant. He said he’s just so honored to be the father of his pregnant girlfriend.

“Wow,” Billy the Bear wrote on Twitter, “Not only am I dating gorgeous superstar Bertha the Bear but now I’m dating pregnant celebrity Bertha the Bear. Crazy! #BerthaBear”

Billy the Bear’s tweet got 6K retweets and 54K likes.

Fans are rightfully saying that it’s so big that they’re keeping the baby and that Billy is sticking by Bertha’s side. Come on, let’s be real, Billy is just so cute and sweet. Bertha is so lucky, and pregnant — sorry, we just can’t believe it! Wow! Bertha the Bear, pregnant!

Fans of Bertha the Bear and her relationship with Billy the Bear, nicknamed “Billertha,” are now speculating what the next steps are now that Bertha is inspiring so many women by being pregnant.

Some think that in the next few months, she will give a live performance of her latest album, “Not the Bees,” showing her pregnant belly while dressed as a goddess.

A lot of fans are really encouraging this because it would be so inspiring to see not just anyone, but a total idol, Bertha the Bear, be pregnant. She would totally just rock it, being unashamed to do a thing that lots of women do, but not as celebrities.

Another theory is that Billy the Bear is going to propose soon! Wow! That speculation is very new, but BuzzBear will have the latest updates.