How to socially distance when other people won’t

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Martina Frasca, Copy Editor

It’s been a year since COVID-19 has come into our lives and if you look around people are starting to get tired of all the regulations in place to keep us safe and are beginning to break the rules.

We’ve all been instructed to wear masks and social distance from one another to keep us safe, but with the bunch of people who no longer follow along with those protocols, it’s quite counterproductive.

So, if you are concerned after hearing this and wish to protect yourself from them here are a few tips to keep people away:

Hold a Hula hoop around your waist.

This is especially good for those people who don’t usually use their hands for anything. You can even get more than one to have multiple colors to perfectly match all our outfits. Think of this as a new fashion statement, but just make sure your hula hoop is six feet long in front of your torso and you are good to go!

Wear a hoop skirt.

If your one of those people who use their hands, a hoop skirt is a simple solution. Wearing a hoop skirt does the same trick as the hula-hoop without the responsibility of holding it up. A hoop skirt also gives you more protection since it will protect your legs and feet from others. Plus, you will walk around feeling like Cinderella!

Get inside an Inflatable bumper ball or as some call it, a zorb ball.

Who needs legs when you can just roll!

These are used for many different things such as playing soccer or floating on top of the water without getting wet, but why not wear them for protection? There are a couple of different kinds you can choose from. You can choose between those that protect your face and torso but leave your legs free for mobility or ones that cover your whole body.

Wear tall stilts.

The typical height of an average person in the United States is 5 feet 4 inches for women and 5 feet 9 inches for men and with this in mind, I suggest getting tall ones so that you are double the height of everyone else. That way you’ll never be face to face with anyone else. A side effect, however, will be constant neck pain from looking down at your family and friends, but it will be worth it in the end. Right?

If all else fails, just wear a Halloween mask.

Warning! You might get weird looks and people may get freaked out if it’s not Halloween yet, but at least those weird looks will be six feet away from you. You might even go viral! And don’t be basic with typical paper and cloth masks. Go big, be extra and step it up a notch.

So, as you can see keeping social distance doesn’t have to be so bad. Instead of thinking of it as a negative thing, this is an opportunity to be creative. Don’t let other people keep you from your personal space.