Not all English Majors are Teachers

Martina Frasca, Contributing Writer

When you hear someone say they’re an English major, what comes to your mind? Reading? Writing? Teacher?

As an English major I can’t count the times I have been asked, “Do you want to be a teacher?” or “so you want to teach English?”

And if I don’t get one of those questions, I usually get a slow nod and a look as if asking “why?” or “what are you going to do with that?” Which gives the impression that what I am majoring in, is a waste of time and money. But is it really a waste of time and money?

Being an English major sets you up with tools such as critical thinking, basic grammar, research skills, develop arguments and other literacy skills. These skills are essential. Employers are looking for these aspects in the workplace.

Literacy skills are important to know, no matter what you are majoring in and being an English major assures you with having those skills.

Some people say that English majors don’t have a high chance of finding a good career.

According to CBS news, studies have shown English majors as well as other liberal art majors, “Have a higher chance of finding a good job than more occupational majors such as business or biology.”

“English majors have a 29 percent probability of being underemployed after graduation, compared with 31 percent for business majors, the report found,” stated CBS.

Most people are stuck in a mindset that the only career an English major can be is a teacher when that is only one of the many possibilities.

Some of the top careers English majors can pursue are a social media manager, grant writer, technical writer, lawyer, editor, and so on.

“As an English major I feel you have unlimited options for your future and teaching is just one of the career paths that you can take,” Lisa Giampietro, English major said.

“Personally I want to go more of a publishing journalism route but that never seems to be the first thought that comes to someone’s mind when I say English major,” Giampietro said.

Don’t get me wrong, teachers are great and at one point I wanted to be a teacher. I never thought hearing the question “do you want to be a teacher?” would annoy me so much.

Sometimes, I say “yes” to the answer just so I don’t have to keep going through the same conversation of what other career options we have repeatedly.

Personally, English is my second major and I plan on using my writing degree professionally and creatively. Writing is a passion and pure interest. When someone is passionate about something, it shouldn’t be viewed as a waste of time or money.

The English major is very broad and some may find that scary. It is not like other majors where you have one set goal career and that is what you are working towards.

Being an English major leaves more options open and you are able to take the degree in any direction you choose. That is one of the many perks about being an English major.