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A Lot More Grown Up Than You Think

Nadia Starbinski, Social Media Manager

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Considering it is based on 36-page picture book by Marla Frazee, “The Boss Baby” exceeds the expectations for a literary adaptation through a cliché yet family-friendly plot.

The adaption of the popular children’s picture book, features the the pitch-perfect voice of Alec Baldwin. Baldwin voices a onesie suit-wearing, corporate-minded family arrival. DreamWorks Animation captures a blend of clever and tender that’s certain to tickle audiences of all ages and stages.

“The Boss Baby” is the story of the Templetons; an all-American family made up of Mom (Lisa Kudrow), Dad (Jimmy Kimmel) and 7-year old Timothy (Miles Christopher Bakshi). The story is narrated and told from the perspective of Timothy’s older self (Tobey Maguire) recounting when he was a boy with his younger brother.

Like many cinematic heroes his age, Tim goes about his days as the others. He lives largely inside his imagination, cooking up dinosaur safaris and underwater expeditions that his parents gleefully take part in. The film bleeds between Tim’s imagination and the “real” world, before blurring the line altogether with the arrival of the latest addition to the Templeton clan, Baldwin’s Boss Baby.

The newest arrival turns out to be a tot on a mission. Boss Baby is dispatched by Baby Corp. headquarters to prevent an adorable puppy product launch by archrival Puppy Co. that threatens to divert parental affection away from babies everywhere.

The fact that the plot is totally stupid is The Boss Baby’s saving grace. It’s rare that a child-targeted cartoon can be similarly entertaining to the older audience- and this film does so beautifully. The dialogue makes for a better film. Included are the adult innuendos, references to television shows way before the targeted audience’s time and crude comments has the viewers questioning who the true target is.

Words like “inventive” and “inspired” are very rarely applied to the cliché animated films that pass through the theaters each year. However, “The Boss Baby” proves a refreshing exception. Director Tom McGrath strikes a fine balance between humor and sentiment. What’s important is that he never losing sight of the tender reality that fuels childhood fantasy. Inventive and heartwarming, “The Boss Baby” is a lot more grown up than it looks.

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