Mount Rushmore of Athletes

Skip Bayle$$

Ask any sports fan, one of the most popular arguments are about who their “Mount Rushmore” is when it comes to their favorite sport. The following list outlines the greatest athletes of all-time.

Tim Tebow – Bar none, Tim Tebow is the greatest athlete of all-time. There will never be a college football player that will be better than him. The numbers and awards he won at Florida will never be matched.

It is a shame that Tebow never got a real chance in the NFL. He won a playoff gameĀ and could have brought the New York Jets a Super Bowl if he got the opportunity.

In a year or two, there is no question that he will become the next Mets great outfielder. Tebow is a true leader and can will any team to a victory.

Tim Duncan – “The Big Fundamental.” Tim Duncan doesn’t need the limelight or the attention. He just needs a basketball.

My San Antonio Spurs were led by the greatest forward of all-time. He didn’t need the movie and shoe deals like Michael Jordan or Lebron James, he just needed victories.

The San Antonio Spurs are a staple of consistency and excellence. That sounds awfully similar to Duncan’s career doesn’t it? That isn’t a coincidence.

Tony Romo – My Cowboys would have won the Super Bowl last year if Tony Romo was the starter instead of Dak Prescott.

When healthy, Romo is the best quarterback in the NFC East. Eli Manning throws 1000 interceptions a year. Carson Wentz just got potty trained and don’t get me started on Kirk Cousins.

If it weren’t for injuries, Romo may have a handful of Super Bowl rings as well.

Tom Brady – The man can do no wrong. A five-time Super Bowl champion, a man who fought and ultimately defeated the NFL and Roger Goodell.

Plus, Brady spearheaded an FBI investigation to retrieve his own stolen jersey. He may not be as clutch as Tebow, but he is sure close.